Paystreak Paydirt: Real gold paydirt

Our paydirt comes from Gold-Containing Rivers throughout Alaska.

These rivers produce course and fine placer gold that is found in the cobblestone and sandy river bottom.

After years of prospecting at various sites, we have found excellent gold-producing areas.

Our unsearched gold panning paydirt comes straight from the ground, unprocessed dirt, it is not dredged or sluiced concentrates.

Our paydirt comes from old river beds, bedrock, banks, streams, under, and near large boulders and is screened to 1/2″.  This paydirt is comprised primarily of coarse decomposed granite sand with quartz, agate, and other minerals.  Panning yields black sand with fines, pickers, and nuggets!

We do not seed our paydirt as some others do, you have the same chance of finding gold as we do.  We find the best spots, we test them and if they yield traces of gold, we dig it up, run it through a 1/2″ screen into 5 gallon buckets.

We do not search or process our paydirt other than classifying to remove stones larger than 1/2″ inch.  We do our best to provide you paydirt from the best spots on our claims.  We have no way of knowing what you will find in your paydirt since everyone’s skill level is different.  Thank you and have fun panning!

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